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Hogar Nueva Esperanza Looking for Support The Hogar Nueva Esperanza in San Pedro Sula is in need of financial and material support. The orphanage, which is overseen by the Honduran Institute for Children and the Family (IHNFA), cares for 110 children--many of whom are victims of abuse or abandonment. It requires funding of at least Lps15,000 ($830) per month to cover the costs of feeding the children and providing medications, shoes, clothing, education, transportation, and care givers. The administrator of Hogar Nueva Esperanza is Adela Gallardo. The director of IHNFA is Karla Bendeck. To contact IHNFA in Honduras, e-mail ihnfanorte@hn2.com or call (504) 235-3564 or (504) 552-3067.

Need Equipment for Pediatric Therapy in La Ceiba I am a physical therapist serving with la Iglesia Amor Viviente en La Ceiba. We are starting a rehab ministry for handicapped children. I am currently training Hondurans as "terapistas auxiliares" who will serve in the center. I also received a wheelchair for a paralyzed girl through this group which I am currently adapting and will serve her well. I need equipment for pediatric therapy such as balls, mats, bolsters, toys, etc. There are a few people/children who need wheelchairs. There is a special education school that I am helping that also needs the same equipment. Muchas gracias y bendiciones, Mark Mueller, MS-PT

Need Volunteer Physicians and Dentists at Colonia Nueva Espana in Comayaguela Hope For Honduras, Inc. in Tegucigalpa is is in need of volunteer physicians and dentists to visit, on a rotational basis, Colonia Nueva España in Comayaguela. HFH is building a Feeding Center in the colonia to help facilitate feeding the children of the area and administer basic healthcare. For more information, e-mail Ron and Shelley Jones.

Lisa Lopes Foundation Looking for Partners on Community Center in Agua Caliente I am the Executive Director for the Lisa Lopes Foundation. Lisa Lopes was the member from the female group TLC who passed away in Honduras April of 2002. Before she passed, she purchased some land in Aqua Caliente, but it is under the jurisdiction on Jutiapa. Her vision was to open a community center for the children living along that street to allow them access to health education, literacy and recreational programs at no cost to them. Today, we are in the process of making Lisa's dream a reality! One of our goals is to team up with existing organizations on this project. We are planning two fundraising events in La Ceiba on May 27 and May 29. Anashay Murphy, Stone Mountain, Georgia

Jail in La Ceiba Needs Educational Materials I recently visited the jail in La Ceiba and found out that the administration there is now getting teachers to teach English to the inmates. The program is going really well. The inmates are eager to learn and also simply to have something to help them pass the time! But they are in need of books, pencils and chalk. The jail also needs computers, especially laptops (... because of lack of space). This will be the first jail in Honduras to offer this kind of education to people. It has taken a long time, but La Ceiba can become an example for other jails and prisons in Honduras. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Tanya Clementson, Copan Ruinas

My Little Red House Bilingual School in Ocotepeque Needs Supportt I am the founder of "My Little Red House Bilingual School" in Ocotepeque, Honduras. The school is a private bilingual school for students in pre-school through third grade (an additional grade is added each year). I recruit American native English teachers to teach not only English, but also mathematics, arts and crafts, and more. Presently, I have a total of 38 students enrolled. Because many of the families of my students cannot afford the cost of a private bilingual education, the school provides full scholarships to several of these families. I am looking for support to assist in the equipping, renovation, and expansion of the school. Carol Penman, littleredhousebilingual@yahoo.com.mx

Instituto Cardiopulmonar in Need of Support The Instituto Cardiopulmonar (formerly known as the Instituto del Tórax) is Honduras' primary cardio-pulmonary hospital. It is located in Tegucigalpa. In 2002, the hospital provided outpatient services to 52,116 people, emergency services to 9,692, and hospitalized 3,304. Its areas of speciality include care for hypertension and asthma. The hospital has also implanted more than 300 pacemakers in heart patients. The Government of Honduras has supported the hospital in recent years with some $$3.5 million in funding for the purchase and installation of equipment. In addition, the hospital has received more than $350,000 for the construction of a new outpatient services building.

The hospital is in need of additional financial, material, and staffing support. Building needs include general improvements of current facilities (particularly the electrical wiring), repair of the operating room's floor, roof repairs, and replacement of the electrical generator. Vehicle needs include ambulances, a motorcycle, a truck for hauling heavy equipment, and a small bus with capacity for 14 passengers. More trained personnel are needed, especially technical support people, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians. The hospital needs a new waste disposal facility. It would also like to develop the capability to perform surgeries at night.

The Instituto Cardiopulmonar, established in 1948, consists of five buildings. It has 235 beds and provides outpatient services to about 300 per day. Emergency services are provided from 7 am until 7 pm. The director of the hospital is Dr. Pina Maria Boquín de Madrid. For information, e-mail cardiopulmonar@hotmail.com.

Paz Barahona Clinic Needs Remodeling, Equipment, Supplies The Paz Baraona health clinic in San Pedro Sula is soliciting help from the business community to remodel, equip, and supply the center. Its director, Allan Sabillón, says that recent fundraising efforts have collected about Lps50 million ($2.9 million) for the project. Assistance is also being sought from the municipal government of San Pedro Sula and Congressional representatives from the department of Cortés. A foundation of Hondurans who live in Miami, Florida, has expressed a willingness to provide financial support, specifically with regard to supplying various medical equipment such as a mamograph machine.

Santa Teresa Hospital Needs Medicines for Children I am currently stationed in Soto Cano Air Force Base, I am writing on behalf of the children at Santa Teresa hospital in Comayagua. I recently went to visit the hospital and see what I could do to help. I saw conditions that were close to sub-human. I saw no sanitation for operating rooms and a very large group of people in pain waiting to be seen. The doctors were overworked and they hardly had any medical supplies to relieve the pain of the suffering children. What struck me hardest was going into the children's ward and seeing those kids suffer and not being able to do anything to help them. I spoke with the medical director, Hector Chain, and he gave me a list of needed medicines for the children. If anyone can help out, please e-mail me at gerald.seidel@jtfb.southcom.mil. I appreciate your time and I pray. Gerald F. Seidel, US Air Force

Brisas del Cacao School Needs Everything The Brisas del Cacao school in the El Carmen neighborhood of San Pedro Sula is in need of used chairs/desks, money to build classrooms, books, and teachers. The school, which has an enrollment of 369 students, consists of two classrooms, no running water, and no bathrooms. Whenever it rains heavily, the school has to shut down and send the children home because its classrooms lack glass in the window openings. The director of the school is Andina Peraza.

Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos was founded by Sister Maria Rosa Leggol in the 1970s. The organization has always been the epicenter of creative efforts in Honduras to help the poor, particularly single mothers and abandoned children.



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