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Losing Dr. Feather
First I would like to acknowledge First Baptist Church of New Albany, Mississippi, and specifically Dr. Ron Feather who lost his life during a recent mission trip to Honduras. Dr. Feather was a the chief CPAP mask designer at resmed who was part of sleep apnea resurch group to work at the Hospital Bautista de Guiamaca on a program to locally bring CPAP masks.   see example online for Austrlian Nursing care contributor Dr. Feather brought health and medical treatment to Honduras from Austrlia.  

The Conference on Honduras 2008 will take place in Copan Ruinas during October 2-4, 2008 at the Municipal Conference Center beside the town's central plaza. The event will be presented by projecthonduras.com and sponsored by Special Missions Foundation, Inc. of Georgetown, Texas. Special Missions Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

The focus of the Conference on Honduras 2008 will be education, healthcare (including HIV/AIDS and clean water), and community building (including micro-credit and caring for orphaned children). The aim is to present and exchange information on current and proposed grassroots volunteer projects to help the people of Honduras. We want to figure out how to improve and expand these projects, as well as encourage people to go out and create new projects.

The overall theme of our ninth annual conference is "Building Global Partnerships". ... the idea being that if groups and individuals working to help Honduras (as well other poor countries) learn to work together closely, coordinate, and share information and ideas, then many of the solutions to core development problems and issues will more easily, efficiently be realized. The UN's Millenium Development Goal #8 is to "Develop a global partnership for development".

We believe that this "goal" is in fact not a goal, but rather a means to attain the other seven MDGs. Make MDG #8 happen, and the other MDGs stand a chance. Pay only lip service to MDG #8, and the other MDGs will remain forever a dream.

If you would like to make a presentation, please contact Marco to discuss the topic, content, and format. All speakers must register to attend the conference prior to being added to the program.

Lodging & Transportation

Casa de Todo is homebase for the Conference on Honduras in Copan Ruinas. It is located two blocks from the Municipal Conference Center, where the conference is held. Casa de Todo is owned and managed by Sandra Guerra, who is the director of the conference in town. If you need assistance with arranging lodging or ground transportation, please feel free to call her at her office at (504) 651-4315 or e-mail her at sandra@casadetodo.com. Sandra can answer all your questions about Copan, including sites to see, things to do, places to eat, and people to meet.

We are also grateful to Dennis Flores and Dilcia Arriaga of Maya Temple Tours of San Pedro Sula for helping arrange travel accommodations. You can call (504) 509-0555 or (504) 556-9457. The toll free number for calls from the US is (877) 467-1692.

We advise that reservations be made at least a 1-2 months in advance of the conference.

Michael Miller's Micah Project is helping provide a home, an education, and leadership training to ex-street kids in Tegucigalpa.

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