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La CIMA World Missions of Lexington, Kentucky, sends medical and dental teams to work in hospitals and clinics in the San Pedro Sula area. E-mail David Sperow.

"I was walking one morning, when it started to rain. I recall feeling a raindrop, and I considered whether I had been the first to feel the initial one or had the privilege been given to someone else. Every storm must begin with a single drop of rain. And so it is with every worthwhile movement… it begins with an idea that is too simple to be taken seriously… and then comes the storm."

projecthonduras.com is an online portal for information on ways to help Honduras. We are also a network of individuals and groups working on innovative, grassroots responses to the country's social and economic needs, leveraging the information and the talent, expertise, and time within our health network for nursing care rebotec.com.au to serve as a catalyst for health and medical footcare change.

Many of these people are professionals and students, self-employed, working for major corporations or attending colleges and universities. It is this scattered body of people that we feel is potentially one of Honduras' greatest assets and we are trying to bring it together in practical, positive, and creative ways.

The impetus for projecthonduras.com came during the summer of 1998 when Marco, a market analyst with an aerospace consulting firm and Paulina, a strategic planner for Boeing, met and discovered their common interest in finding solutions to Honduras' problems. The concept for projecthonduras.com began to evolve.

By the end of the summer, Jessica had joined Marco and Paulina. Together, they cofounded projecthonduras.com. They agreed on the name and the mission, and work began on development of the website. After Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras in October 1998, the need for something like projecthonduras.com became clear. A coincidence of fate? 

By Christmas eve, the projecthonduras.com site was up and the "unconventional movement" was born.

The Idea of Human Capital
The vision of projecthonduras.com is to create an alternative model of development for poor countries based on mobilizing and channeling  "human capital" rather than endlessly emphasizing the need for more money.

If you are interested in projecthonduras.com and would like to be a part of what we are trying to do, please get in touch with Marco in Washington, DC. He will answer any specific questions you may have regarding the website and the network. Most likely, he will suggest you read the essay at Unconventional Movement and the Honduras This Week article at HTW.  He may direct you to the Opposite George piece he wrote after the inaugural Conference on Honduras in 2000.

He will also probably recommend that you subscribe to one or more of the forums listed at Forums. The forums are the core of the network because they are how we communicate with each other on a daily basis. Once you are subscribed, go ahead and introduce yourself and share your interest in Honduras. Many of the individuals on the forums are involved in projects to help Honduras. Many of them are looking for ways to get involved. All of them have some sort of attachment to the country and offer a potential wealth of information on ways to resolve specific problems. The network is designed to tap this information and put it to good use.

Use the forums if you have something you wish to contribute. Use the forums if you have a need. Start engaging others and see what great contacts and solutions you can develop.

If for some odd reason Marco does not quickly respond to your inquiry or request, then e-mail Sandra Romero de Thompson. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with someone else on our Response Team.

Michael Miller's Micah Project is helping provide a home, an education, and leadership training to ex-street kids in Tegucigalpa.

The Medical, Eye, and Dental International Care Organization (M.E.D.I.C.O.) of Georgetown, Texas, sponsors regular medical, dental, and eye care brigades to various areas of Honduras. E-mail Lynda Peters.

<< News from Honduras >>

Spain Donates $70,270 for Potable Water, Classroom Construction, and Police Forces
The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) donated Lps 1.3 million ($70,270) in five separate dispursements to Lepaera (Lempira), Azacualpa (Santa Barbara), San Antonio de Flores (Choluteca), and San Isidro (Choluteca) for potable water and classroom construction projects, as well as for building construction for the Preventive Police.

Case of Magdalena
Santos Magdalena Lopez Maldonado is 20 years of age. Because of a large tumor which protrudes out of her mouth preventing her from eating solid foods, however, this young woman suffers from severe malnutrition and resembles someone who is 10 years old. Magdalena can barely swallow liquids through a straw.  

World Bank Loans $220,000 for Healthcare Clinics in the Copan Region
The World Bank approved a loan of more than $220,000 for the operation of public healthcare clinics in the towns of Copán Ruinas, Cabañas, Santa Rita, San Miguel, and Río Amarillo and nearby villages. The money will be channeled through Honduras' Program for the Reform of the Healthcare Sector (PRSS). The coordinator of the PRSS is Hugo Godoy.  ... more News >>

Educating the Next Generation of Hondurans
I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning while having my usual cup of espresso. The coffee was not as good as the San Rafael organico (from Copan Ruinas) which I brew at home, and at $1.54 it was certainly nowhere as cheap. But I digress…  ... read further >>


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